This is a virtual Martial Arts club of sensei Peter Kolar, who is teaching mostly Judo, but also MMA Judo (NO GI Judo).

Classical Judo.
Also called Kodokan Judo, or IJF Judo.
It fully complies with the rules and regulations of the International Judo Federation (IJF).

MMA Judo.
“I have created a new brand in Martial Arts – MMA JUDO. The classical, ‘vanilla Judo’ requires GI to grip and manipulate your opponent. MMA employs no GI, and it is actually forbidden to grip the opponent’s attire (shorts). In spite of that, lots of MMA fighters are now applying judo techniques. Mostly the former judo fighters, who themselves modify their favorite techniques for no GI situation. Being high level judoka, this is what I am teaching now for last several years. In my classes, I usually teach both, GI and NO GI techniques. I also teach fight strategies and fight awareness.”